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I Want A Sonic Game Like This

It seems fitting with the whole anti-hero theme that the most fun to be had in Prototype 2 comes from completely ignoring what the game is telling you to do. Pretending that you’re the Last Thug of Krypton and just throwing a temper-tantrum throughout the city is a complete riot. Once you begin to flesh out Heller’s abilities near the end of the game, the mere act of traversal becomes a blast. Radical has refined their locomotion mechanics from Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and the original Prototype into a fluid, visceral beast. For all its flaws, the simple navigation from one point to another in Prototype 2 surpasses that of far better open-world titles like Batman: Arkham City. The ability to run alongside a skyscraper, leap hundreds of feet in the air, glide half a mile, then come crashing down with meteoric flair is a singularly unique joy. If Prototype contained the same plethora of baubles to collect as Assassin’s Creed or Crackdown, it would be much easier to ignore the bland missions in favor of powering up your protagonist through careful exploration.

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Is it weird that ever since I played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, I’ve really wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog game that was about traversal? I mean, that’s kind of what the original Genesis games were, right? Yeah, you had the whole “living pinball” idea, but all of the physics and momentum stuff gave Sonic a style of mobility that no other platformer has really matched, even today. You could do some crazy, acrobatic stuff in those games.

Playing stuff like Ultimate Destruction and being able to just jump at a wall and run straight up it really feels like it would be a good fit for a Sonic game. Most 3D Sonic games are about finding ways to restrict the player down a specific “route”, and mechanics like invisible walls and bottomless pits reinforce the idea that you have to stay “on track” - but imagine a Sonic game where the entire point was that you could go anywhere and do anything.

Minus all of the blood and guts, of course. A more open, traversal-focused Sonic is sort of my dream game right now. The problem is making it, of course - the amount of art assets that go in to a typical Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Generations stage are already pretty ridiculous. The biggest single level in Sonic Unleashed is more than 16 miles long - that’s roughly the same size as the entire game world of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for comparison. For one Sonic level. Opening those levels up to allow for more traversal would probably cause most of Sonic Team to die of exhaustion.