The Hotdog Laserhouse


So not only is today’s Penny-Arcade sitcom-level writing and a big ad for Surface, but it’s also functionally identical to a five year old comic.

Plus, as many others have pointed out, Penny-Arcade will do a comic about Jeff Gerstmann being fired from Gamespot… but not the death of Ryan Davis, despite the fact that’s a big enough deal that it ended up reaching news outlets beyond the game industry.

Which, I mean, yeah. Today’s comic is a big ad for Surface. It’s also like, the second or third comic they’ve done where the premise seems to be “hey look at me, I have a Surface”? I don’t pay close enough attention to Penny-Arcade anymore to actually remember, but Google did point me to this novel-length post where Gabe spends nearly 3000 words and two HD videos telling you about how great he thinks the Surface is. It might actually be one of the longest posts he’s ever written for Penny-Arcade.

Remember when they raised all that money for no ad banners on Penny-Arcade? Yeah.