The Hotdog Laserhouse

Apr 7

Things I need to do

Maybe if I write this out publicly I’ll actually stop being such a slacker. I generally seem to work harder if I think people are paying attention. Does that sound weird? I think that sounds weird.

  1. Scan that dumb Mega Man X thing I drew today. [Check]
  2. Take the script for my Sonic Generations video review and use it to make a closed captioning thing. I occasionally get deaf people who thank me for taking the time to do this for my video reviews. [Check]
  3. Either try and find the old captions for previous video reviews or try to download them from Youtube and convert them to’s closed captioning system. [Check, but it doesn’t seem to be working?]
  4. Finally post the Sonic Generations video review to Gametrailers. I usually do this day and date with Youtube, but I spaced it out this time. [Check]
  5. Cut together a video so I can post those Mario Sunshine levels for BlitzSonic finally. [Check]
  6. Get to work on the next intermission for the Max Payne LP. It’s been almost two months since the last episode. I wanted to do an ep on the game’s secrets and easter eggs, but that means replaying the game from the start because there’s no level skip code. Either that or just forget the intermission and post the last 15 or so episodes of the LP. [Researching feasibility]
  7. Synch, cut, render and upload the Sonic Endurance Race archive to the Letsvideogame Youtube Channel, if it’s even feasible to do so. I was thinking one-hour chunks.
  8. Get back to work on the “Fantasy Trail Mix" game. Was working on the overworld (the "trail" part). Need to consider landmarks, forks in the road, how the player deals with things like forests, etc. Then comes the battle system. Game could probably use more structure, too, like boss encounters.
  9. Continue to mull over a Kickstarter to turn Fantasy Trail Mix in to an iOS game, and then talk myself out of it because I don’t have enough confidence in my own abilities and I’d hate to make it seem like I am cashing in on a fad (even though I’d probably need vastly less money than everybody else seems to ask for). [I wasn’t being serious when I put this here, but, uh, check]
  10. Get back to work on Sonic Forever or whatever I end up calling it. It took me almost two years to make three acts of the first zone, and no boss. That’s unacceptably slow.
  11. And of course, text reviews and video reviews. I had a list of future video reviews I was considering and why… all I can remember now are DKC:R and Bayonetta, and I want to avoid reviewing Bayonetta because it’s another Sega game and in 6 video reviews, like 5 have been for Sega games. I think I wanted to do Chrono Trigger at some point, too. On the text review front, I’ve been playing lots of Final Fantasy 4 DS, GTA Chinatown Wars, and Tails Adventures, so… we’ll see?
  12. Catch up on my podcast backlog what is wrong with me. I have been consistently 2-4 months behind for over a year now.