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Well, Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is happening (guns and vehicles in Sonic Boom). What do you think about all this?

I think it just re-affirms that this isn’t a Sonic game, this is a licensed game based on a TV show with some Sonic-y bits thrown in as window dressing. This is like the litany of Spongebob platformers that THQ and Majesco and Activision made.

The hilarious thing is that when I mentioned Spongebob I actually looked up gameplay footage of one. Here’s “Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge”, from last year.

It might as well just be Sonic Boom. Slowly plodding around, punching barrels and robots, shooting guns, collecting doodads, all while Patrick cycles through “funnyquips.wav”.

That’s it. That’s Sonic Boom in a nutshell… or at least, what I’ve seen of Sonic Boom.


  • Palette cycling to fade the pumpkin interior from dim to lit!
  • Lighting effects!
  • The charged shot!
  • Particle effects!

Lots of stuff needs tweaked and I’m not sure how I like the kick back when you shoot a charged shot.

4 more days until I have to abandon this project so I can review Bayonetta 2 for TSSZ!

Hey Blaze what are your thoughts on the original Smash bros game?


I don’t know that I have many. I’ve never played it on original hardware. I played it for a while back when Melee first came out on an N64 emulator that could barely run the game.

It’s kind of slow, and extremely ugly, but still pretty fun. I played a little of it again right before Smash Bros. 3DS came out. There’s just not really enough there to spend more than a few minutes with nowadays.

It’s interesting how heavy everybody feels. If you get thrown off the edge, you have very, very little time to recover because you fall like a rock. I’d imagine that would feel even more pronounced now, for how floaty Smash 3DS is.

I remember when I finally played Melee, I actually kind of didn’t like it, because it felt SO IMPOSSIBLY FAST compared to the N64 game. Too fast, even. Like the game was being played with the fast forward button being held down. I eventually adjusted to Melee’s speed, though.

But yeah, I’d say it’s still fun. There just isn’t much reason to go back to it when later Smash Bros. games are far and away so superior.

Hoy Blaze. Have you ever considered putting you Halloween playlist as a YouTube playlist instead? They seem more user friendly in my opinion.

A friend also suggested I make it a Grooveshark playlist.

Youtube would be difficult because while there is a lot of music on Youtube, finding it in high enough quality is usually a stumbling block. Some songs only exist as a 6 or 7 year old upload, with annotations that still inform you to use “&fmt=18” to listen to it in high quality.

The solution there would be to then fill in the gaps myself (by starting a Graveyard-Shift-specific channel), but that would still be quite a bit of work.

With 8tracks I just pointed at F:\mp3\halloween and told it to “upload all” and then walked away for a few hours while it uploaded 200-something songs. Then I spent a couple hours arranging them in to some semblance of order and I was done.

Doing that through Youtube would be a lot more work on my end.

Man, imagine GTAV suddenly having a serial killer spring up in the game for Halloween and it'd randomly appear in the world to try and kill you. Or jumbo Great Whites leaping out of the Pacific Ocean to drag your aircraft into the sea. It'd make nice use of an already established, cool world :(


This is the weird kind of stuff I’ve fantasized about ever since GTA3.

GTA3 had this weird… bug? Easter egg? Where at midnight, all pedestrians would vanish. The streets of Liberty City would be completely and entirely empty for one in-game hour (60 seconds).

It was creepy because there would be sidewalks clogged with people and you’d suddenly turn around to find… nothing. Nobody. You’re alone.

What happened to all those people? Where did they go? Was the game setting up for something to happen? You could imagine monsters rushing in to attack.

The moment the clock struck 1am, just as quickly as they vanished, everybody would return. The city that never sleeps was just resting its eyes.

I feel like Rockstar made a really bad move in trying to push GTA Online so hard. GTAV is full of all these cool locations that are basically never used for anything. It’s fun to explore, and it’s interesting that they exist, but they also feel like there should be something there, you know? A mission or something.

You have the prison, you have the cannibal cult up in the mountains with the naked dudes, the empty casino/race track…

They could’ve done so much more singleplayer content if they hadn’t made GTA Online in to some weird half-step between an MMO and a more traditional multiplayer action game. And they keep adding more and more junk to it and it’s nothing I want.

I was really hoping for like, GTAV: Undead Nightmare or something, you know? I would’ve killed for something like that.

But I guess despite the fact I really don’t like GTA Online, it’s apparently doing moderately well for them. I don’t have hard numbers to back it up, but I’ve seen things here and there to suggest it isn’t just some abandoned, dumb thing. People actually like it. Somehow.

Maybe it would be different now that the mission creator is out. But I ain’t payin’ for Xbox Live Gold and there is absolutely, unquestionably no way I will be able to run the upcoming PC version. But, boy, some of that user-generated stuff sure would be nice if I could play it offline, I guess.

Gotta say, really liking the look of that pumpkin head game, really hope you finish it. BTW, do you have any concept artists that are your favorite?


I feel really bad that I can’t actually name names, because so often I think concept art looks so much better than the finished product. Especially when it comes to CG characters.

For example, the concept art from Shrek has a way better sense of personality:


The final product looks kind of generic in comparison.


Like they dulled it down, and down, and down until there was nothing left.

Disney does it too. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept art comparisons between Glenn Keane’s original drawings for Tangled and how they tried to replicate his artwork in CG:



The pencil artwork feels more expressive and dynamic because the artist can exaggerate proportions and fudge certain things in the name of “artistic license”, whereas the CG art has to adhere to certain spacial constraints.

I remember first noticing it with Shenmue, because the concept art looks like this:


Which looks a lot cooler than anything the game ever produces.


It was easy to start seeing a trend from there.

The underlying message: bring back hand-drawn cartoons, y’all. I’ll never forget one specific quote about this, too:

"Artists didn’t stop painting just because somebody learned to sculpt."

"I feel inspired to make a quickie Halloween game."
"Oh wait, Bayonetta 2 comes out in like, four days. Oops."
Ha ha I will never finish this!

"I feel inspired to make a quickie Halloween game."

"Oh wait, Bayonetta 2 comes out in like, four days. Oops."

Ha ha I will never finish this!

The sonic adventure overworld guy here, what do you think about the items from the adventure games though? Like the ones that you find in the over world/stages for progression and the optional ones. For me it kind of made it easier to see progression in the character meaning that sonic at the beginning would be different than sonic at the end skill-wise.


I guess? I dunno. It’s sort of a Metroid item system in a way, but it’s not really used in a Metroid way.

Like Metroid’s whole thing is that you go through an area and you have limited access to specific locations within that area. You fall in to an inescapable hole and you’re presented with an item that then not only expands Samus’s abilities but gives you a way to fully explore that space completely.

Sonic Adventure on the other hand just… hands you an item and says “Okay levels from here on out will use this.”

I guess there’s no, like… “Aha!” moment like you get with Metroid? Like, Metroid’s about showing you a locked door and making you find the key. Sonic Adventure gives you the key first and then starts giving you locked doors for that key.

If that makes any sense.

Plus, fully-upgraded characters occasionally looked ridiculous and ugly with sunglasses and necklaces and huge metallic boxing gloves


I mean, ultimately I guess there’s nothing wrong with the items, but it would unquestionably be better if I just started with all that stuff given how it ends up being used.


some friends have been telling me to carry on with painting this story so decided to make a series of paintings of this. 
Return of the Pale Blue Dot, part 2.


some friends have been telling me to carry on with painting this story so decided to make a series of paintings of this.

Return of the Pale Blue Dot, part 2.

Did the creator of Ghost Song (GAFfer Jobbs) say anything about a release date for Ghost Song and if the game is going to be on the eShop or PS4 or something like that. Is he a cool dude?

I have not been keeping up with the GAF Indie Game thread as much as I used to but I don’t think he’s said anything about a release date or platforms. I think he’s using Stencyl as I recall, which seems like it might be pretty portable. Theoretically Jobbs could probably release it on whatever platforms he wanted, if Stencyl’s “write once, run anywhere” coding philosophy works out.

But I’m willing to bet it’ll just be PC for now. That’s usually how projects this size go. PC first, and then they use the money raised there to get it on other platforms, if possible. Even if it’s an easy port job, it will still cost money for put the game through console certification.

I don’t know Jobbs and outside of leaving a single comment on one of his Ghost Song videos about an audio glitch, we’ve never spoken to each other directly, I don’t think. But he seems alright enough.